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Ambisense contracted for Lower Thames Crossing preliminary works

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We’re excited to announce our involvement in the preliminary ground surveys in support of Highways England’s planned Lower Thames Crossing.

The nationally significant infrastructure project, worth £5.3-£6.8bn, encompasses a new dual-carriageway and tunnel system linking Essex and Kent and is the biggest single road construction project since the M25 was completed more than 30 years ago. The LTC Cascade Joint Venture – comprising Arcadis, Cowi and CH2M (now Jacobs) – was appointed in 2016 to support the design, and planning phases, including developing the Environmental Statement for the Development Consent Order process. Highways England anticipate the Lower Thames Crossing will open to traffic in 2027.

‘Ambisense is delighted to get involved with such a strategically important infrastructure project in the UK. The project is and will be an example as to how technology can be successfully woven into incumbent industry business-models and used to support the project team in the management and mitigation of environmental risk’

Stephen McNulty, CEO

Ambisense has been contracted to facilitate the management of environmental risk through the combined use of our environmental analytics platform, Ambilytics, and connected hardware devices, specifically the continuous monitoring of groundwater and ground gasses.


Further Information

Highways England update (July 2019): Ground investigations – the next step in designing Lower Thames Crossing


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