Prevention is better than cure.

We help to overcome the challenges in communications by being the neutral party that helps you to work with your tenants to ensure homes are utilised in the best way possible.

We provide root cause analysis of possible issues not just the symptoms, communicating them to you and your tenants to help you take control of your homes.

How We Help

By putting the information in your hands we can help you to avoid problems such as:



We provide you with information about the risk of mould in your home and give you tips on how best to avoid or manage it,

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We analyze the performance of your heating system to give you tips on how best to optimise its use.

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We can send an alert to your housing provider to let them know if you are experiencing difficulty in heating your home properly due to financial issues so that they can help you

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Prevention is better than cure.

Get information on the root cause of possible problems, not just the symptoms.

Data transparency so both you and your tenants are on the same page.

Receive the information you need to make informed choices about your homes.

Everything we do is built on two pillars.