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6 Reasons to Start your Digital Transformation Right Now

As an industry, we have been gradually moving towards digitalization, but the traditional method of periodically going on-site to gather data from devices then entering[...]

Lost Without Data

“In God we trust – all others must bring data” is a quote from reputed statistician Edward Deming, regarded as a forefather of modern business[...]

3 Mistakes Not to Make When Deploying Environmental Technology

3 Mistakes Not to Make When Deploying Environmental Technology In a world of rapid technological development, the key concepts of device accuracy and precision –[...]

How to create new revenue streams using new technologies?

The so-called ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution is still in its infancy and is emerging in a series of ‘waves of disruption’. The third wave, namely digital[...]

Why Useless Data Is Worse Than No Data

To characterise a process, data is a necessity. In the absence of data, important parameters of a process are not tracked, their significance cannot be[...]

3 Things That Onsite Analysis & The Mars Rover Curiosity Have In Common

What comes to mind when you think of the Mars Rover Curiosity? Do you wonder at the boundless innovation of mankind? Awe at the vastness[...]

Big Data and Continuous Monitoring: The Trade-Offs

With the projected exponential growth in IoT devices (IDC forecast 28.1 billion IoT connected devices globally by 2020) remote monitoring technologies will increasingly become the norm[...]