what we do

AmbiSense creates and uses technology to solve complex environmental problems.
We design and manufacture smart, field deployable, monitoring instruments and networks.
Our products and services help our customers solve complex problems at the same time as saving time and money.
Our customers include environmental consultants, waste management companies, public sector organisations, anyone who needs data collected remotely, quickly and at a reasonable cost.


We have expertise around instrumentation design, data management, analytics alongside our technology products.
We can design new types of instrumentation to help you solve otherwise very complex environmental problems.

we help our customers to

  • Reduce monitoring costs by minimising time to site
  • Obtain live and continuous information from remote sites
  • Continuously monitor and troubleshoot problem locations
  • Understand and minimise environmental risk
  • Build useful datasets quickly and cost effectively to analyse problems
  • Build predictive models for environmental processes
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AmbiSense began life as an Irish EPA STRIVE funded project developed in the National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR) in Dublin City University, one of the largest and most successful research institutions of its kind in the world with annual income of €100M and 250 multi-disciplinary researchers working on novel sensing techniques for a variety of applications.

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