Our story

Our solutions were created to transform how environmental risks are assessed and managed through the use of advanced analytics. To deliver this, we empower our clients with the best in class environmental insights harnessed through automated data collection, analysis, and machine learning.

Eight years on we have grown to a team of over 20 people, with offices in two countries, customers across three continents and across a range of industries including; geo-environmental, construction, infrastructure, smart buildings, facilities management, and educational sectors to name a few.

Where weʼve been and where weʼre going

Meet Our Execs

Chief Executive Officer


Stephen is a co-founder of Ambisense. He was UK and Ireland Sales Manager with ALS, a global commercial laboratory operating in the Environmental Sector. Previous to this he managed Irish and Scottish Business Units for Severn Trent Laboratories. Stephen holds an MBA from DCU an M. Eng from the Open University & a B. Eng in Mechatronic Engineering also from DCU.


A chartered certified accountant and previously the first female President of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Ireland. Anne was part of a two-man management team that grew NeedaHotelfrom turnover of 1k per month to 100m per annum six years later when it was sold. She has years of experience in finance, operations, and human resources.
Head of Air Quality


Simon Jones is Head of Air Quality for Ambisense. He is currently one of Ireland’s representatives and Board Member for Annex 5, Air infiltration and Ventilation centre (AIVC) part of the IEA, Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC). He is on the advisory board for the UK centre for moisture in buildings (UKCMB), the expert group on ventilation advising NPHET and Government. And is involved in many other related organizations and activities. Simon has been in building services and the built environment for nearly two decades and has consistently been a voice for better standards and approaches in the industry.
Head of R&D


Tom has over 15 years of experience working on applying data science and machine learning to design new materials. He designed and implemented a system to automate the calculation of material properties from ab initio quantum mechanics, allowing the use of machine learning to techniques to be used to guide material discovery.
Development Director - Infrastructure & Construction


Richard has worked in both technical and commercial manager roles in UK consultancy. He brings 15 years of experience specializing in environmental monitoring and instrumentation in the brownfield, landfill, and onshore petroleum sectors. Richard holds an MSc in Geo-Environmental Engineering from Durham University and a BSc Physical Geography from Hull University.
VP of Engineering


Operations Director


Tom has worked for over 20 years within FMCG and Electronic and Gas Sensor Technology. Prior to joining Ambisense, Tom served as Site Director & Divisional Controller in one of the world’s leading gas detection companies. Tom Holds a B.B.S & M.A from Trinity College Dublin, is a member of C.I.M.A, has a Diploma from National College of Ireland in HR, and is an Associate member of C.I.P.D.

Meet Our Team

Project Manager


Background – Having worked for a remediation/earthworks contractor for 3 years, Adam’s skills lie with management of large scale remediation projects.

What you do in Ambisense – I manage all projects within the UK ensuring they run smoothly from initial deployment to demobilisation.
A few interests – I love cooking, hiking and kayaking. I’ll always take any opportunity to travel and see something new.
What you do in Ambisense I am responsible for managing the sales team and delivering the best experience for our customers. My team and I not only generate new business but also collaborate with other departments to ensure the successful delivery of all projects.

A few interests: I love travelling and sport, particularly skiing, tennis & yoga. I also enjoy camping and walking my crazy springer spaniel.

Senior Hardware Design Engineer


Background – Feargal has worked for 23 years in the semiconductor industry, initially in product & process engineering and later moving to sensor research. He was technical lead for development of hardware and firmware for embedded capacitive touch sensors, and global roll-out of the technology. Working with leading global corporations to integrate touch sensors into their many varied applications over 14 years has provided an understanding of the challenges encountered, from environmental side-effects to regulatory requirements.
He holds a B. Eng in Electronic Engineering and M. Eng in Electronic Systems from DCU.

What you do in Ambisense – I’m working on research and development of a millimetre wave radar sensor for a variety of applications in the arena of flood risk management. Combined with cutting edge IOT and data analytics technology, the inclusion of radar in Ambisense’ sensor portfolio adds a whole new dimension to the variety of services we can provide to customers in remote or inaccessible sites.

A few interests – I love to get out in the great outdoors; Camping, hiking, and water-sports whenever the opportunity (weather) allows. Gardening and DIY projects keep me busy in my spare time and any extra hours are filled with reading and watching sci-fi.

Hardware & Platform Lead


Background: james has over 12 years of experience in hardware design and embedded software development. His PhD is in physics (DCU), but since leaving academia he has developed technology for a range of applications including photoacoustic systems to detect process faults in semiconductor manufacturing, electric vehicle chargers, and condition monitoring systems for plant room equipment.

What you do in Ambisense: James works as an Integration Engineer which basically involves finding or building different pieces of hardware, then trying to make them all work together to provide a solution for customers' needs.

A few interests: I have a keen interest in music and play keyboards, or at least used to. I'm hoping to take it back up and start piano lessons this year, if anyone knows a good teacher?

Senior Embedded Systems Engineer


Background – Jamie has over 9 years of experience in embedded systems and product development. Having worked in various industries including automotive, gas detection, and telecoms developing hardware, firmware, and software solutions. He holds a B. Eng in Electronic Engineering from TU Dublin.

What you do in Ambisense – I’m a senior embedded systems engineer primarily focused on firmware development and working with the rest of the engineering team to develop and expand our range of sensor solutions.

A few interests – I’m a shameless nerd and spend my free time either nose deep in sci-fi and fantasy novels or gaming. Occasionally, I’ll venture out into the sun for hikes with my family.

HR Manager


Background: Karolina has over 10 years’ experience in coordinating office work, managing people and organizing events. Before joining Ambisense Karolina was self-employed and worked as a freelancer at publishing and events. She is also a certified Strategic Intervention and NLP coach.

What you do in Ambisense: I manage the day to day running of the Dublin office, while the company has grown I’ve gotten involved in preparing monthly books, recruitment process, HR and implementation of new documents and strategies.

Interests: I enjoy traveling, hiking and going to music festivals.

Trainee Accountant


Background – I support the finance department with the day to day tasks as Ambisense continues to expand. With great passion and ambition, strong communication skills and proactive, can-do attitude. All while learning new tricks in excel.

What you do in Ambisense – I have 7 years’ experience in finance. Before joining Ambisense I worked as the accounting assistant in a Global safety equipment manufacturer.

A few interests – Those who know me describe me as a hard-working, energetic, ambitious, and empathetic person. I love to travel, meet new people and cultures, and above all, listen music at all hours.

Operations Manager


Background – Luke has spent 11 years in the environmental monitoring sector, working for environmental consultancies and independent laboratories in the UK and Middle East. Leading work in stack emissions monitoring, water quality, AQMS, IAQ and noise monitoring. Responsible for project management, data collection, collation and reporting to independent client and national bodies. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Plymouth.

What you do in Ambisense – I work within the operations team in the UK helping to deliver environmental projects. Implementing technology developed by Ambience along with supplementary devices to provide our clients with valuable data. I strive to achieve operational excellence to ensure a high customer satisfaction level and repeat work.

A few interests – I’m a keen rugby supporter and have interests in playing field hockey and enjoying time with my young daughter.

Senior Test & Verification Engineer


Background: Marcio has over 4 years of experience in hardware development and R&D projects for the energy sector. From São Paulo, Brazil, his degree is in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

What you do in Ambisense I work as an Electrical Engineer in Ambisense. I am highly specialized in Hardware testing and prototyping, and so play an important role in ensuring the quality of our products and services.

A few interests: As a true Brazilian, I love being outdoors and have a good laugh.

Project Manager


Background – Martin has a background in architecture and disaster management with several years of experience in the flood risk management sector in the UK and internationally with experience in business growth, thought leadership, product development, and sales.

What you do in Ambisense – I manage the development of our new flood defence asset monitoring solution. I sit between the technical development team and the client to ensue that everything we produce is designed to meet the needs and requirements of the end user and the market.

A few interests – When I can, I head to the outdoors and love to rock climb and surf.

Neil Grennan
Customer Success Manager


Background – Neil has 10 years experience in the gas detection industry, where he worked closely with customers in managing their accounts, helping with technical sales inquiries, quotes, internal sales as well as product support and service roles. Prior to this, he worked as an electrician for 6 years and this formed a good base of technical knowledge and ability. Due to this combined time and experience, he has gained an understanding of how to best serve the needs and wants of the customers and the industry. He holds a FETAC Level 6 Advanced Craft Certificate and is currently pursuing a BA Honors Degree in Business.

What you do in Ambisense –I support and train the customers on the Ambiair range so that they fully understand what value the product can offer their organization. I also liaise with the internal product and engineering teams here in Ambisense, to ensure that the customer’s voice is heard, and their requirements are met so that we at Ambisense can deliver the level of excellence that’s expected by our customers.

A few interests – Neil is a huge motorsport fan and love music and travelling. He also has a keen interest in running, although he can’t say that he always enjoys it.

Field Support Technician


Background – Patrick has spent 4 years in the Environmental Industry mainly focusing on air quality emissions and EPA compliance monitoring. He holds a BSc in Geology and MSc in Geoscience both from UCD.

What you do in Ambisense – I mainly deal onsite with clients evaluating the sites and installation of the AmbiAir units, as well as ensuring that clients have smooth access to useful and reliable data.

A few interests – I’m an avid rock climber and spend all my free time clambering around cliffs in Wicklow!

Content Marketing Manager


Background: As with many of the team, Rachael has worked in several different industries, in her case sectors ranging from medical devices to commercial fleet, before finding her place in Ambisense. She has worked both in Ireland and abroad on almost all aspects of marketing, from digital to traditional.

What you do in Ambisense: We are a company full of really talented people, experts in our respective fields, and my role is to show the industry this and the results of our hard work; the exciting new developments and innovations that we are bringing to the market.

A few interests: I enjoy a good book, going on exciting holidays, yoga and hiking

UK Technical Manager


Background: Richard has 28 years of experience as a research scientist designing test, measurement, and analysis systems for the Aerospace industry. He has also worked in motorsport, developing custom powertrain control solutions for a range of motor vehicles from drag motorbikes through to circuit racing cars.

What you do in Ambisense: I am the UK Technical Manager and use my broad, in-depth knowledge of instrumentation, electronics and computing to help Ambisense deliver technical excellence to our customers. I continually strive to improve reliability and accuracy of all our product range.

A few interests: I enjoy fishing, cooking, and have a passion for kayaking. I love the outdoors and am a volunteer officer for a local conservation society.

Product Manager, AmbiAir


Background: Ronan has spent 10 years in the Aviation & Aerospace industry working on data acquisition systems in various positions across test, customer returns and general operations. Previous to that he worked in the electronics manufacturing sector working on POS units, data centre storage racks, medical devices and automotive electronics amongst others. He holds a B. Eng in Electronic Engineering from DCU.

What you do in Ambisense: I lead the engineering team in relation to product integrations and new product development. We’re focused on offering solutions to customers using technology and solving problems that they may have on remote sites. We try to leverage both products that are currently well established on the market and cutting edge technology to drive new product development.

A few interests: I’m an avid Manchester United fan for my sins and have a strong interest in cookery and travel.

Full Stack Developer


Background – Zahra holds a bachelor's degree in software engineering and has worked as a web developer for almost 5 years. During her career, she has gained technical skills in front and backend development and is a specialist in c#, javascript and angular.

What you do in Ambisense – I am working on the company's website as a designer and troubleshooter. Besides, I collaborate with the backend team to visualize sensory data. My role also expands with working with the Data Analytics team to visualize ML forecasted trends.

A few interests – l enjoy literature and poems, traveling, music and hiking.

Meet Our Board Members

Investor at BGF


Mark is an investor at BGF, the leading growth capital investor across the UK and Ireland, based in their Dublin office. Prior to joining BGF, Mark worked for Apax Partners in London, focusing on Business Services investments, and before that he spent time with Credit Suisse in their Investment Banking Department, advising clients on M&A and capital markets activities. Mark holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a degree in economics from Trinity College, Dublin
Ambisense board member - Chris Horn
Board Member


Chris co-founded and became CEO of IONA Technologies headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, which went public in 1997 using Lehman...
Ambisense board member - Wayne Byrne
Non-Exec Director


Wayne is a prolific entrepreneur with particular expertise and experience in the clean-tech sector. He is co-founder and CEO of Oxymem, the multi-award winning waste-water, smart aeration company. He is also co-founder and Chairman of Biocore Environmental a biosolids & waste-water management business and previous to this, built and disposed of a major waste equipment company, the Manvik Group, a business with 80 staff and a turnover in excess of €40M.
He holds an International Executive MBA from the Smurfit Business School in UCD and a Diploma in Advanced Management also from UCD and is a registered Enterprise Ireland Business Partner.
Ambisense board member - Philip O'Quigley
Board Member


Philip has over 20 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas Sector, in a variety of senior management positions spanning a number of London and Dublin listed exploration and production companies, including experience in a number of other countries including Australia, South Africa, Argentina, and the U.S… He is currently CEO and a Board member of Falcon Oil & Gas and a non-exec director of Providence Resources. Philip is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst and Young in Dublin.


Graham is a chartered accountant and had an extensive international executive career, culminating in taking the technology firm QinetiQ through its IPO onto the LSE in 2006. Since then he has pursued a portfolio career as chairman of several technology enabled, private equity backed businesses, including LGC and SLR Environmental Consulting. He is currently chairman of The Royal Mint and of Hanson Wade, a private equity backed business focused on providing business intelligence to the life sciences community.