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Misclassification of risk has consequences, Ambisense works with businesses starting from the site investigation stage to identify and analyse environmental risk, providing environmental professionals with information that will help create an optimised remediation strategy.

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Ambilytics accelerates data capture, negating the need for people to be on-site for long periods of time to build up enough data to form an understanding of what’s happening on site


Ambilytics automates data upload into one platform so users don’t have to enter data manually into excel templates while giving a single, comprehensive view of the entire pool of data


Ambilytics cleans, processes and analyses data, generating patterns and relationships and turning data into actionable insights


A system of environmental intelligence

This powerful platform delivers substantial efficiencies for our customers, minimising time spent on low-value data entry and cleaning tasks and freeing up time and budgets to work on higher-value activities

How it Works

Our Case Studies

  • 01 Analytics & Under-Floor
  • 02 Monitoring of Indoor
  • 03 Groundwater Level Monitoring

Analytics & Under-Floor Gas Monitoring

Our Solutions Continuous monitoring of the gas below the floor slab via a Vapour Pin installed through it Ambilytics:  Data Analytics (used as part of a robust assessment of the historical information,

Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality

Our Services Continuous tVOC monitoring of indoor air quality Automated canister sampler and Wi-Fi telemetry Ambilytics Challenge Ambisense were commissioned to install two Smartsampler units at specific basement locations in a commercial

Groundwater Level Monitoring to Provide

Our Services Continuous Water Level Monitoring Instrumentation and Telemetry. Real-time Water Level Data 24/7 Ambilytics: Data Analytics Challenge Ambisense are currently assisting our client with their hydrogeological investigation of an SSSI in

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Technical blogs, game-changing case studies and educational videos by our team of industry experts. We give practical advice and insights into the challenges facing the environmental industry

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Case Study

Analytics & Under-Floor Gas Monitoring

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