AmbiAir is the hardware side of BEPA and combines several key user-friendly features; it’s battery-powered, easily deployed, has multiple connectivity options, and is wireless. 

Ambisense believes in a data-first, digital focus, so unlike other indoor air quality options, AmbiAir was engineered as an air quality management tool. It is low cost and is designed for rapid deployment – with no fuss. Once deployed, Ambilytics alerts you to current or predicted unhealthy air quality changes allowing for a proactive approach to risk management in your indoor spaces.

Additionally, our solution was created to help you understand what’s happening throughout your buildings, in the past, the present, and the future – identifying historic trends, the current states in a space, and learns about the performance of your buildings over time to predict future scenarios on either your laptop or our App. It also allows you to design and test strategies to improve the air quality based on actual data.

Ambilytics was created to integrate with your existing building management solution. Our range of accessible APIs means that you see your data where, when, and how you want to see it.

AmbiAir+ measures:







AmbiAir+ spec sheet

AmbiAir measures:




AmbiAir spec sheet

Both AmbiAir and AmbiAir+ send data securely to the Ambilytics which analyses your spaces on three fronts;

  • Historical analysis which can be used as a baseline to make optimisation decisions
  • Live data analysis which helps you to manage your space in a given moment
  • Predictive analytics which identifies what is likely to happen based on the current data. The predictive analytics are connected to an alerting system, letting users know minutes or even hours in advance if an unsafe hotspot is likely to develop

We know you’re busy which is why the indoor environment data can be accessed not only on your laptop, but also via our app, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll know exactly what’s happening in your commercial or social housing portfolio, or school or healthcare facility when you need to know it.

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