Building Management is critical to getting people back to using offices and commercial spaces safely and confidently. How we use these spaces, and what is expected from them is also changing. Building managers need to determine how to deliver spaces that people truly want to be in.


One of the first things people are looking for at the moment is reducing Covid risk in indoor spaces, ventilation and indoor air quality are key to reducing this risk.

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Data-driven decision making has become a requirement for Building Managers

What facility managers need is a smart solution that allows them to remotely monitor their portfolio, one that collects and analyses air quality data from IoT connected sensors, securely transmitting the data, and crucially, one that can integrate with other (BM) tools essential to business.


It’s not enough to just have a pretty dashboard. 


The solution must dig deep into the data, identifying trends and patterns, and harness the power of predictive analytics, helping building managers make those important decisions.


Why stop here though?  Why just look at the past and the present when the real power is in knowing the future.
How about a solution that uses machine learning on that data to predict what’s likely to happen, allowing you to assess safe occupancy levels and make proactive operational changes to keep occupants healthy and safe.