Our Solutions


Our solutions were created to assist environmental professionals to obtain and analyse quantitative information on the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of both groundwater and surface water.
The initial desk study indicates a likely list of contamination issues, and we provide a variety of solutions that can be tailored to the specific requirements of a project as it progresses through an environmental risk assessment.

  • At the early stages of the field investigation our solutions are commonly used to analyse standard parameters such as turbidity, salinity, pH, temperature and electrical conductivity, parameters that often act as a proxy for other contamination issues.
  • Linking this in-field instrumentation to our software Ambilytics, our clever system can swiftly identify patterns or anomalies, flagging them to the environmental professional who in turn can use this information to refine their strategy, helping them identify the root of the issue far more quickly and therefore more cost-effectively.
  • Field – generated data is transmitted 24/7 by telemetry to Ambilytics, analysed, compared to contextual data sources such as weather, modelled, and trends identified, all on a single platform and accessible when you need it.
  • This allows you continuous access to your data and rapid assessment against site criteria, permit conditions and trend analysis no matter where you are or when you need it.



  • Our solutions have been used to monitor and help generate in-depth insights of groundwater for a variety of industries. Understanding the natural, seasonal changes to aquifers and using that to form an accurate baseline can only be done through long term, continuous monitoring. However, we know it is important to also account for other influencing factors such as tides, and that is why our software gathers contextual data from a variety of sources and applies it to the field-generated data.

Surface Water

  • The quality of surface water plays a significant role in developing urban and suburban settlements and can be affected by a multitude of different contaminants. It affects all levels of the eco-system from the bottom up and it is paramount for the whole environment that our surface water is protected and any effluent or ingress of any pollutant that pushes the quality standards down to a level that can damage the environment is identified, assessed, and minimised.