Our Solutions


We provide continuous monitoring of both ground and surface water, analysing issues ranging from water level to salinity.

Spot monitoring can be inaccurate as the sample being analysed is only representative of the water body at the time of sample, and often not a true reflection of the entire water body over a period of time.

Get in touch to see if your equipment can connect to our risk assessment software, Ambilytics.

  • We continuously monitor discharges, leachate and groundwater quality and water levels in boreholes and surface water systems, deploying the latest range of on-site monitoring equipment, and connecting them via IoT to Ambilytics, our online visualisation and analytical software.
  • Our systems can integrate most types of water monitoring instrumentation with our telemetry and communication systems, and we are always interested in offering unique applications and integration of probes to monitor your required parameters.
  • Field – generated data is transmitted 24/7 by telemetry to Ambilytics, analysed, compared to contextual data sources such as weather, modelled, and trends identified, all on a single platform and accessible when you need it.
  • This allows you continuous access to your data and rapid assessment against site criteria, permit conditions and trend analysis no matter where you are or when you need it.



  • We monitor ground-water for dissolved gases, pH, EC, DO, Redox, temperature, salinity or salt-water intrusion, and turbidity using dissolved gases probes, physicochemical probes, ion specific probes compatible with multi-parameter probes, and water level loggers vented to atmosphere so that barometric compensation is not required.

Surface Water

  • We also offer surface water monitoring in real-time, and as with our groundwater monitoring, our system can connect to almost any water monitoring probe.