Ambisense designs and manufactures smart, field-deployable, monitoring instruments & networks.

Ambisense technologies are designed to analyse data levels across a range of customer applications and markets including:

  • Landfill & BioGas
  • Water
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Shale Gas and Oil
  • Coal Seam Mining
  • Contaminated Land
  • Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality
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ambisense platform

Our technologies are non-invasive, require no operator involvement and provide a continuous flow of accurate data, accessible to customers on any device.

As well as using our sensor technology, customers can also utilise the Ambisense platform to connect with existing sensors on flares, manifolds and engines, enabling remote monitoring of any kind of device from any location.

We innovate to provide technology and services that are ahead of current industry practices both for compliance monitoring on licensed facilities and for optimising yield, for example, on biogas utilisation plants. For example, our patent pending product GasfluX™ is the world’s first continuous gas and flow monitoring device for ground-gas applications. The technology enables, real-time monitoring of landfills, brownfield sites, onshore O&G facilities, and industrial sites.

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