Our Instrumentation


The SGS Smartsampler  facilitates monitoring of key environmental parameters, temperature, humidity and pressure alongside particulates (PM1, PM2.5, PM10), NO2, SO2, NO, O3, CO2, H2S, CO & TVOC. Results are available online in real-time and can be used to trigger Summa canisters either manually or through pre-set thresholds.  Summa canisters are ideal for taking vapour samples for detailed risk assessment as they can be submitted for detailed speciated laboratory analysis.

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Technology Specification

  • General
  • Particulates
  • VOCs
  • Gases
ParameterMeasurement Range
Temperature-20 to 50 oC
Relative Humidity0-100 %
Atmospheric Pressure950-1050 hPa
ParameterMeasurement RangePrecisionSensor Type
Particulates (PM1, PM2.5, PM10)0-3000 μg/m3±4 μg/m3COptical
ParameterDisplay UnitMeasurement RangePrecisionSensor Type
VOCsppb eq. Isobutylene0-5 ppm±5 ppbPID
ParameterDisplay UnitMeasurement RangePrecisionSensor Type
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)ppb or μg/m30-5 ppm±3 ppbElectro-chemical
Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)ppb or μg/m30-5 ppm±5 ppbElectro-chemical
Nitric Oxide (NO)ppb or μg/m30-5 ppm±5 ppbElectro-chemical
Ozone (O3)ppb or μg/m30-5 ppm±6 ppbElectro-chemical
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)ppm0-5000 ppm±10 ppmNDIR
Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)ppb or μg/m30-2 ppm±2 ppbElectro-chemical
Carbon Monoxide (CO)ppb or μg/m30-8 ppm±10 ppbElectro-chemical


Our platform accelerates the data capture. Without Ambilytics, people must be on-site for long periods of time until they can build up enough data to form an understanding. Ambilytics also means they don’t have to pull all the data together manually to see what’s happening, it cleans, processes and analyses the data, generating patterns and relationships.

Our platform was designed for businesses that need to rapidly assess environmental risk and want to bring a project quicker through regulatory barriers