Urbanisation has put a lot of pressure on the environment and has caused a number of challenges, from poor air quality to increased flooding.


We help smart cities harness the power from your data, using it to not only see the situation in real-time but go to the next level – seeing whatʼs likely to happen. This allows a proactive rather than reactive approach, identifying issues before they become problems, allowing better allocating of operational resources and budget.


Critically it lets you identify likely problem hotspots and therefore take preventative actions.

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Our clever, simple, yet sustainable solutions were created to improve quality of life. They help you to understand how your city resources are being used and managed, and have already been used to create a tangible positive environmental impact in a number of cities.


But if you already have a monitoring network in place, donʼt worry. Ambilytics, our smart platform can integrate with any connected device

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