the problem with environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring is often a complex undertaking with lots of interdependent variables to consider. Relying on laboratory samples or spot monitoring instruments exacerbates the problem, since there is simply not enough data to make quantitative decisions that stand up to regulatory scrutiny. This lack of data can slow down regulatory & other forms of approval.

custom built monitoring solutions




As sensor technology improves & prices fall, coupled with the ubiquitous nature of internet connectivity & cloud based computing power, the solution is field deployable instruments which can monitor a multitude of parameters in real-time and report the data back through the cloud.

Often, practitioners can avail of off the shelf solutions such as Gasflux  however this is not always the case and a customised solution is necessary to obtain the data you need.

To meet the growing demand for cost-effective bespoke instrumentation for bespoke applications, Ambisense has developed a tool-kit to enable customers build fully customizable, web-enabled instruments to acquire and analyse the data required quickly and cost-effectively.

Each element of our toolkit can be quickly tailored to your needs whether you want to measure gas, air or water quality or anything in between.

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