We believe that the best environmental and process monitoring is created using smart solutions.

We connect our analytical, learning AI to reliable, cost-effective, field-deployable instruments that generate a continuous flow of accurate data, all of which is accessible to customers on any device.

  • Our highly specialised team have a wealth of experience in the industries such as oil & gas, remediation, infrastructure and ground investigation, and will always be on hand to assist with any queries and ensure we provide an efficient and effective solution, tailored to your individual requirements.
  • Our team will always be monitoring your data transmission to ensure that your project is managed effectively.
  • Giving you peace of mind that your project is under complete control.

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Free yourself from manual data entry
& Excel spreadsheets

  • Connecting to any IoT capable device,  Ambilytics automatically uploads all field-generated data and uses machine learning to model that data, revealing previously unidentified relationships and patterns.
  • The software then generates probable outcomes based on your data, helping you make better decisions.
  • All this is done with little to no human labour, streamlining the analytics process, and is infinitely scalable, eliminating potential human error and drastically improving processing efficiency.




  • All of our in-field instrumentation is designed to withstand harsh environments over long-term deployments, with no impact to performance.
  • They use onboard storage and telemetry to ensure that your data is safe and accessible on demand.
  • And while Ambilytics can integrate data from any IoT connected device, we continue to provide exceptional hardware for water quality, ground gas, air quality and geotechnical monitoring.