Our urban lifestyle has a negative impact on the air quality in our cities. However, with proper monitoring and management, we can reduce these risks.

By continuously monitoring air quality, cities can predict, plan, and manage solutions, proactively targeting the problem areas and provide a better quality of life for inhabitants.


And itʼs not only smart cities that benefit from air quality monitoring. Global construction rates have skyrocketed, and construction activities are major contributors to poor air quality. From operations and transportation to the materials themselves, without proper monitoring and management, the on-site and surrounding air quality can get very poor very quickly.

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Make data-driven decisions to improve quality of life

We believe in a data-centric approach, combining real-time information from on-site, connected air quality monitoring devices with powerful analytics that integrate factors that impact the air quality such as weather.


Our platform analyses and models your data, letting you see the heart of the problem at a glance. Critically, Ambilyticsʼ machine learning algorithms use that data to predict potential problems, alerting you and allowing you to take a proactive approach to managing air pollution.