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Oil & Gas


To help manage the environmental risk along the lifecycle of oil or gas production, an environmentally responsible company looks at the site, assesses the key risks in the locality, and pulls together a monitoring program for before, during, and after operations and post-abandonment. Using IoT in-field instrumentation linked to our proprietary software, Ambilytics, gives credible quantitative data through on-demand monitoring, analytics and alerts across groundwater and surface water quality, dissolved gases, air quality, noise and vibration.

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Ambilytics analyses high quantities of diverse data sets, presenting them in easily digestible and understandable outputs suitable for a variety of different stakeholders. And we don’t just offer companies the ability to detect and rapidly respond to contamination, but more importantly, to predict and thereby prevent potential problems.

Not only that, but we help companies satisfy their greenhouse gas commitments through continuous monitoring and early detection of methane and carbon dioxide emissions, and through our platform information can be disseminated quickly, effectively, and easily.