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Download a free copy of our guide “Ground Gas Monitoring and ‘Worst – Case’ Conditions”

Download our free guide

New CL:AIRE Technical Bulletin TB17: Groung Gas Monitoring and ‘Worst – Case’ Conditions

CL:AIRE and Ambisense are pleased to announce that a new Technical Bulletin TB17: Ground Gas Monitoring and ‘Worst-Case’ Conditions is now available to download.

This Technical Bulletin provides guidance on the critical barometric pressure conditions that influence gas monitoring results and provides a clear framework to allow risk assessors to determine when they have sufficient gas monitoring data to evaluate and manage ground gas risk with confidence.

It has been written by Steve Wilson & James Lucas – EPG Ltd, Fiachra Collins – AmbiSense and Geoff Card – GB Card & Partners.

The guidance is available as a download from the CL:AIRE website here.
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