The environmental risk assessment process on large infrastructure and construction projects is inefficient, slow, and expensive. Projects typically end up 20% over schedule and are up to 80% over budget.


We understand this, so we created Ambilytics, a complete software solution for assessing, managing, and ultimately helping you mitigate environmental and geotechnical risk.

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Underperformance is an industry-wide issue

Ambilytics gives you tools that can rapidly increase your efficiency and optimise project delivery. The software uses clever algorithms that spot trends in data which can help you to predict and therefore minimise environmental risks.

Built on both IoT and machine learning solutions, Ambilytics blends information from field devices with contextual data sources such as weather to build intelligent dynamic models, while forecasting tools allow you proactive site and asset management.

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How we do it
You can either use Ambisense devices or your existing fleet providing they are IoT connected. Ambilytics, our environmental risk assessment platform automatically and securely uploads all field-generated data in real-time.
Analytics & Modelling
Ambilytics analyses and models your data, integrating it with contextual data such as weather and geophysical data giving you a single, comprehensive view of your entire pool of data in real-time – and in the hands of an environmental professional, transforming this data into actionable insights.
Predictions & Forecasting
Ambilytics uses your data to build and model the forecasted behaviour of each variable in that location. It will alert you if any pre-set limit is likely to be breached, hours or days in advance, allowing you to take preventative action.