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An understanding of not only the environmental impact of a large infrastructure project but also the ongoing management of the asset during and after construction is critical. Deeper insight can help mitigate, and possibly even eliminate entirely, the negative impacts on delicate ecosystems. Through a combination of IoT connected hardware and our environmental analytics platform, Ambilytics, users can continuously monitor a project through its lifecycle, improving efficiency and outcomes for large industrial and infrastructure projects.

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The level of environmental risk of a civil engineering project depends on the ground condition, whether the project is crossing through natural bodies of water or sensitive ecological areas that need to be protected. Ambilytics, helps companies assess both environmental and geotechnical data, and understand how each affects the other, all on one platform: speaking to different stakeholders in different ways.

Large scale civil engineering projects are hugely complex, with massive quantities of data produced over months or years. More than just a visual platform, Ambilytics simplifies what is happening and why giving results in minutes or days that would typically take weeks or months of manual calculations. Not only that though, but our software can also be used to manage assets, to analyse the structural integrity of infrastructure projects for example.