Healthy buildings allow the people within them to perform at their optimum capacity You may be reading this in the office or at home. Take a moment – how are you feeling?


Relaxed? Tired? Stressed?


Where we spend most of our time is closely linked to our physical and mental well-being, for better or for worse. People are now looking at their buildings and asking: Are these spaces safe and healthy? And what can we do to make them better?

See It In Action

To understand these spaces we spend our time in, we need to do more than just basic monitoring. Our goal is not to give you data, rather it’s to use your data to give you actionable insights that drive better outcomes.

This is why Ambisense created BEPA – a suite of tools that uses deep analytics to interpret the interdependent factors that influence the built environment around us. BEPA is fed with data by AmbiAir or AmbiAir+, our low-cost, discrete, and easy-to-install indoor environment monitoring hardware.

Currently both ACPA, which identifies the gap between the optimal and the current ventilation situation in a space, and TPA which assesses optimal thermal efficiencies are available.

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