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Heat Pump Performance Analytics​

Reduce the risk of costly heat pump failure and underperformance at scale, with the power of data analytics.

It costs an estimated

£2,000 – £9,000

to replace a damaged heat pump.

An accumulation of risk​

With a mismatch between rapid growth in the heat pump sector and availability of skilled labour, the risk of underperformance and system failure at scale has increased. Combined with lack of end user knowledge, the need to be proactive rather than reactive with assets has never been more important.

Heat pump sales grew by 34%

In Europe in 2021

17M heatpumps in Europe

Almost 14% of the heating market!

95% of firms face skilled labor shortages

According to survey for net-zero skills among supply chain firms

Tracking the ongoing performance of these systems and early identification of those at risk of underperformance and early failure will be critical.


Rapidly deployable sensors and powerful analytics help you miminise issues with heat pumps at all stages across a portfolio of properties.

Measure the factors that effect the lifespan of heat pumps and take action before failure

Healthy homes. Empowering tenants. Mould and damp, energy