Our Solutions


We monitor and analyse data for a wide range of geotechnical parameters including pore water pressure, groundwater levels, and settlement data. Visualised on Ambilytics, users can jump from basic time-series data by combining it with geological and environmental data, for instance, to give greater insights into the drivers of change. Field, lab and contextual data is formatted in Ambilytics in such a way that users can look at their data in ways that have never been able to do before, helping them understand the relationships and interrelationships, and confirm suspicions from a more scientific standpoint instead of spending weeks constructing excel graphs.

A powerful benefit of our platform is the increased team integration it gives; the same data can be used companywide by both environmental and geotechnical teams to make more well-informed and better, coordinated decisions.</font color>

  • Whether this is probes installed in boreholes headworks and linking to vibrating wire piezometers and extensometers, or strain gauges located on existing buildings, as long as the instrument is IoT connected your data can be viewed and analysed on Ambilytics.
  • If you have instrumentation that may have been installed a few years ago and that is not IoT capable we can suggest products that offer this connection, or for larger projects, our R&D team can develop a cost-effective solution.