Gasflux is the world’s first continuous gas and flow monitoring device (patent pending) for ground-gas applications. The technology enables, real-time monitoring of landfills, brownfield sites, onshore O&G facilities and industrial sites.

For many years, experts and practitioners have argued that continuous monitoring is an excellent way to quickly build up an accurate representation of ground-gas behaviour on contaminated land & landfill sites, fracking and other O&G facilities and on carbon sequestration projects.

However monitoring of concentrations alone doesn’t always give the full picture and relying on spot flow-measurements and applying the ‘worst-case scenario’ approach often leads to sites being characterised overly conservative adding huge cost in terms of gas protection measures.

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customer benefits

By monitoring both flow and concentration continuously, practitioners can for the first time build datasets that are less open to interpretation and that can be used to de-risk sites, reducing both costs and development time.

Also, by making the data available in real-time, practitioners can begin to build an accurate of ground-gas behaviour almost immediately, enabling better risk assessment, much faster reporting ultimately speeding up project delivery.

customer applications

Ambisense is a platform technology providing continuous monitoring of gas and air and reporting of that data through the cloud.

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landfill monitoring

The changing nature of the landfill market means that site owners are looking for very different solutions for long-term landfill monitoring.

These solutions must take into account both the increasing lack of onsite manpower and the desire to obtain higher quality gas data.

Ambisense is uniquely designed with this changing market in mind and supports customers to better manage these assets in the years ahead.

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contaminated land

Site investigation and remediation studies are generally performed under both regulatory and time pressures.

Most projects require ongoing assessment of ground and residual gas levels.

We automate the process of data capture in a cost-effective manner and is suitable for either temporary or permanent deployment anywhere onsite.

In locations where security is a concern, the system can be deployed in a secure container.

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coal seam gas and shale

The processes of gas production require increasingly sophisticated levels of data to be obtained.

From a commercial perspective, the wealth of data generated can optimise drilling and other operational processes and from a compliance perspective the data can be used to understand, model and predict likely gas migration issues and as such is an important part of the licensing process.

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