Our Solutions


We have a variety of technologies to assist you with your ground and landfill gas sampling and monitoring requirements. Our monitoring services satisfy a wide variety of regulatory requirements, and we use our wealth of expertise together with our clever platform, Ambilytics to help accelerate you through the regulatory process.

Ground & Landfill Gas Monitoring

  • Back in 2016, Ambisense launched Gasflux, the worlds first online continuous gas concentration and flow monitoring device. The patented technology is ideal for monitoring hazardous bulk and trace gases within borehole headspaces. The Gasflux is customizable and can monitor a wide range of gases (CH4, CO2, O2, TVOC, CO, H2S, and NH3) and environmental parameters (gas flow, atmospheric pressure & synchronous weather data).

Environmental Permitting & Landfill Surrender

  • For environmental permitting the ability to obtain real-time online data allows you to make swift decisions regarding your site operations and thus facilitating proactive management. For landfill permit surrender this means condensing monitoring and assessment periods from years to months so that the full value of your land can be unlocked swiftly.

Oil & Gas

  • Ambisense’s service solutions support the safe development of onshore oil & gas sites (conventional, shale gas, coal-bed methane, coal seam gas) by providing valuable environmental information via our Ambilytics platform from early baseline stages through E&P and post abandonment phases. Ambisense facilitate the ability to communicate quickly and clearly to the key stakeholders, essential for underpinning oil & gas Operator’s environmental credentials and maintaining their ‘social licence to operate’.
  • The downstream sector can benefit from Ambisense technology being used to help clean up and remediate former oil processing facilities.

Under-Floor Voids

  • Under-floor void monitoring is conducted when gas membranes have been accidentally omitted or the wrong specification membrane installed, or verification of membrane installation not been satisfactorily completed or there is a struggle to obtain regulatory sign-off for gas protection measures
  • The GasfluX system is ideal for this purpose as it combines both gas and meteorological data, essential for completing the gas risk assessment. Under-floor voids can be monitored in real-time via our Ambilytics platform, thus allowing you full control over when you have enough data to achieve swift sign-off. No waiting around, data when you need it.