To understand the impact that our construction projects have on the environment, we need to build two pictures; one of the natural environmental changes and the other of the impact of human activities.

We believe in an approach that requires little to no human labour, that streamlines the analytics process, and is infinitely scalable, that eliminates potential human error and drastically improves processing efficiency.

However, we take this a step further. It is no longer enough to just react to a situation, we created a solution that runs your data through complex algorithms to predict potential problems, alerting you hours or days in advance. This allows you to take a proactive, preventative approach that can save vast amounts of time and money.

Our solution was created to work on almost any environmental investigation, from infrastructure or construction projects, to land remediation projects.

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How We Do It


We have a range of connected devices that we can supply you with or you can use your own existing fleet, providing they are IoT connected. All field-generated data is automatically and securely sent to our smart platform; Ambilytics

Analytics & Modelling

Ambilytics cleans, analyses, and models your data, integrating it with contextual data such as weather and geophysical data giving you an easily understandable yet comprehensive view of your entire pool of data in real-time. With no manual data manipulation required, you can instead spend your time using your expertise to transform this data into actionable insights.

Predictions & Forecasting

Ambilytics uses your data to build and model the forecasted behaviour of each variable in each location. It’s a dynamic system, constantly integrating new data and critically, will alert you if any parameter is likely to reach an unsafe level, hours or days in advance. This allows you to take action to prevent unhealthy or even dangerous situations arising

Giving you peace of mind that your project is under complete control

Our highly specialised team have a wealth of experience in the industries such as remediation, infrastructure, and ground investigation, and will always be on hand to assist with any queries and ensure we provide an efficient and effective solution, tailored to your individual requirements. Our team will always be monitoring your data transmission to ensure that your project is managed effectively.

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