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Like many sectors, the Brownfield industry is subject to huge disruption from new technologies.  However we understand that staying abreast of these new technologies is difficult. Which technologies work best for particular applications? How do you spot your GasfluX from your GasMelon?
That’s why we have created Envirocon! The only environmental conference dedicated solely to new and (let’s face it) really cool technology.
At Envirocon you’ll hear both from technology developers discussing their amazing innovations & from speakers discussing how they have weaved new technologies into their businesses. Please see below the full programme of speakers.
Best of all, the conference is free to attend & we would love you to join us in London on May 17th.
(There are also unsubstantiated rumours of a small social gathering after the event :))
Click here to register for Envirocon!
If you are interested in exhibiting at Envirocon, please contact us envirocon@ambisense.net.
We only have a few spaces left so please be quick!

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