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Covid-19 Update

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We are committed to maintaining business as usual but with the appropriate changes as per government guidance. Our priority always is to minimise risks to our staff, suppliers and customers, and this may mean that our response times are slightly longer than normal but we ask you to be patient and understanding of this.

Essential site visits are still going ahead, and we’re following the social distancing requirements to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

These are unprecedented times, but we all are working hard to ensure that our customer’s projects are as unaffected as is possible during this hugely uncertain period.

Please take good care of yourself and your loved ones, stay safe and healthy.


WOW! This article was amazing - I want to read the next one as soon as it's written


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Rachael Walker

Rachael Walker is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Ambisense. Her expertise is in B2B marketing on both an international and domestic front in SaaS and high-tech companies.