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Continuous Dissolved Gas Monitoring

At Ambisense our mission is use technology to solve complex environmental problems. This mission is enabled by the uptick in the development of novel, field deployable sensor technologies made available to our customers on our award winning software platform. 

Our GasfluX & MultifluX platforms are designed to enable real-time ground-gas risk assessment, analytics & quantification. To improve the quality of these risk assessments we are proud to announce that AmbiSense has agreed an exclusive UK distribution deal with Pro-Oceanus for the commercialisation of their Solu-Blu™ range of dissolved gas sensors, measuring Dissolved Methane, Carbon Dioxide & Total Dissolved Gas Pressure. The Solu-Blu™ sensors are solar powered, can be installed in a standard 50mm well and can be fully integrated into the GasfluX or MultifluX platform enabling real-time monitoring of both bulk and dissolved gases.

Commenting on the distribution deal Ambisense CEO said, ‘continuous monitoring of dissolved gases is a huge innovation in the contaminated land, waste & O&G markets. As such we are proud to partner with Pro-Oceanus to bring this technology to the UK market’.

Commenting on the agreement, Pro-Oceanus President said ‘this new partnership will help to further develop Pro-Oceanus’ expansion into land-based markets for our dissolved gas sensors. We are excited to partner with Ambisense and their talented team to bring dissolved gas monitoring to these new markets’

If you would like more information about using the Solu-Blu™ range of dissolved gas sensors as part of an existing or future project, please visit our website or contact us: info@ambisense.net

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At AmbiSense we believe that environmental and process monitoring is best served by reliable, cost effective, field-deployable, smart instruments capable of providing a continuous flow of accurate data and accessible to customers on any device. Our innovative instruments are specifically designed for long-term deployment in harsh operating environments enabling customers to maximise their return on investment. 

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