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Contaminated Land


When environmental professionals are looking at contaminated land they ask; what is the risk? What is present on-site and how can I risk it out? Is It mitigatable? What needs to be done to make sure that this site is suitable for the planned usage or human occupation?

We have created solutions that help them time and cost-efficiently consider and understand the risks, and from that create the optimum remediation strategy. We do this through a combination of software and connected hardware and across a range of mediums.

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Monitoring a specific project, site or development can be time-critical and continuous data is essential as contamination from say, surface runoff, can happen at any time. Our users get the high-quality data and data granularity required to be able to catch any pollution instances quickly allowing them to deal with the situation speedily.

Using our solutions contaminated land professionals can effectively and continuously monitor sites for a wide range of determinants and areas across air quality, groundwater, ground gas and geotechnical.

Then, our Ambilytics platform combines that field-generated data with essential contextual data such as weather and tidal data assisting them in getting the answers they need and increasing the speed in which they develop a remediation strategy.