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CL:AIRE Technical Bulletin TB16: Complete Continuous Monitoring in Underfloor Voids

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The CL:AIRE TB16 is useful guidance written by the teams at EPG ltd and Ambisense Ltd, and provides a robust and practical solution for the monitoring of under-floor voids.  This method of post-construction monitoring is not routinely required, however, it can be used on sites where incorrect membranes have been installed or omitted altogether, or where specified verification has not been completed. In addition, the method can also be used for assessing larger sites, so that the ground-gas risk assessment can be further refined to potentially remove the need for membranes across the whole site.

The guidance is available as a download from the CL:AIRE site here

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Steve Wilson

Steve specialises in the investigation, assessment and mitigation of ground gas and hydrocarbon vapours and is an Accredited Risk Assessor (ASoBRA) for permanent gases and vapour intrusion (he also acts as a scrutineer for the scheme) . He has written several key technical papers on this subject and has contributed to recent CIRIA, British Standards and Chartered Institute of Environmental Health guidance on ground gas assessment and mitigation. He was a member of the drafting committee for BS8567, Guidance on sampling of ground gas and the 2015 update of BS8485 on gas protection design (with 2019 amendment). He advises local authorities in the UK on planning, Part IIA and other issues relating to ground and landfill gas. He has completed several Part IIa risk assessments in relation to the risk of gas migration from landfill sites towards existing buildings, including options appraisals and mitigation design. He has designed numerous vent trench and barrier systems to prevent ground gas migration. He has recently completed work into the effects of flooding on landfill gas risk and looking at landfill permit surrender guidance in the UK. Steve has acted as an expert witness in court cases involving landfill or ground gas migration in the UK and Australia and for a site in Bangladesh where a gas exploration well had blown out. He has been involved in the design of gas and VOC mitigation measures for sites around the world affected by gas from various sources including mine workings. This has included retrofit schemes for existing buildings affected by gas ingress. He also provides expert support on ground gas to several Licensed or Accredited Contaminated Sites Auditors in Australia.