Case Studies


Combining best practice & innovative data science analysis methods on a former chalk quarry

  Client Arup, Eastern Quarry Ltd .............................. Our Solutions Ambilytics: Environmental data analytics Continuous monitoring of gas in a borehole Flux chamber testing Challenge A[...]

Analytics & Under-Floor Gas Monitoring as a Building is Converted to Commercial Use

Our Solutions Continuous monitoring of the gas below the floor slab via a Vapour Pin installed through it Ambilytics:  Data Analytics (used as part of[...]

Using Analytics, Geotechnical Data & Continuous Monitoring of Ground Gas on a Former Landfill Site

Our Services Continuous Gas Monitoring Geotechnical Data Assessment Ambilytics: Data Analytics Challenge Ambisense was commissioned to monitor and assess the construction of a trial embankment[...]

Closed landfills: Maximising LFG capture, Minimising Risk

Project Overviews Managing gas from operational and closed landfills is typically a complex undertaking. It involves extended periods spanning many decades and engages multiple stakeholders[...]

Historic Landfill Divestment

Project Overview The site is a former landfill, filled in the 1970s & 1980s. It is adjacent to an airport and an industrial estate in[...]

Assessment of Risk (Local Authority Site)

The site was a former sandstone quarry and subsequently a domestic landfill site in the 1980s. Capped in topsoil in 1994, gas was found to[...]

London Remediation Project

Project Overview This project involved demolition of existing structures on a site in London and remediation for residential development. During the site investigation phase, preliminary[...]