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Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality for tVOCs with Automated Sampling

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Our Services

  • Continuous tVOC monitoring of indoor air quality
  • Automated canister sampler and Wi-Fi telemetry
  • Ambilytics


Ambisense were commissioned to install two Smartsampler units at specific basement locations in a commercial property that were to be used to investigate potential VOC ingress from the shallow groundwater beneath the site.

The goal was to augment the geo-environmental appraisal conducted for the site and establish the potential risk to human health.

Due to the construction of the site, the instruments had to be deployed at points where potential vapour ingress could occur deep inside the basement but this was also an inhabited site where no mobile phone reception was available.  Collection of the air samples needed to be done remotely for chemical speciation at a laboratory at peak concentrations and low-pressure events and these were often outside working hours or at weekends.

And finally, a discrete system was needed that would reduce both the visual impact and inconvenience to the landowners, but one that was also powered by solar technology.


Working with the client,  Ambisense provided and deployed two Smartsampler units equipped with Summa Gas Cannisters at the two basement locations to target potential vapour ingress points.

A Wi-Fi booster was installed to enable a signal in the basement, and for the data to be uploaded and viewed on Ambilytics, our on-demand environmental data risk assessment platform.  The devices were set to monitor total volatile organic concentrations at 1-minute intervals for the duration of the project, and the data made available to the client online in real-time for continual assessment purposes. After an initial monitoring period, the baseline VOC concentrations had been established and reviewed on the online portal. The automatic sampler was then set to automatically deploy at peak concentrations taking a sample to be taken for speciation, and another sampling event was set for the early hours of the morning on a weekend to coincide with a low-pressure event.

Client Benefits

The real-time data allowed the client to remotely view and analyse the data without a need to visit the site and allowed a decision to be made on when to deploy the automated canister sampler.

The programmable autosampler enabled the client to collect samples of air in the summa canisters when the peak values and low-pressure events occurred outside working hours and at weekends.

Speciation testing of the air samples confirmed the compounds identified from the potential source of contamination and that the levels presented a low risk to the occupants.

The assessment thereby received regulatory approval.


  • Rapid assessment of total VOC concentrations
  • Real-time total VOC measurements 24/7 online
  • Automated sampling system initiated remotely enabled samples to be taken outside working hours

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