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Historic Landfill Divestment

Project Overview

The site is a former landfill, filled in the 1970s & 1980s. It is adjacent to an airport and an industrial estate in the Midlands and as such is prime development land. enitial were approached to do continuous monitoring to support divestment of the site. The data gained was also acquired to support final permit surrender.

GasfluX™ Deployment

One GasfluX™ unit was deployed measuring bulk gases, flow-rate and was integrated with a water level logger to provide ground-water level information online alongside the gas readings; another GasfluX™ unit was installed on a secondary location. The deployment ran for 1 month to cover a range of atmospheric pressure conditions to include a period of falling atmospheric pressures.

Customer Benefits

The GasfluX™ data was reported live using the Ambisense web platform, allowing the client to log in daily to see the results. This enabled a much more proactive site investigation process as the customer could adapt their assessment program based on live gas readings and hence expedite the site investigation. The ultimate result was that the land could be sold to a developer immediately after the project was completed, removing the liability from the balance sheet of the previous owner.

*Since this case study Ambisense has launched Ambiliytics, smart environmental analytics software that connects with and integrates data from any field-based IoT sensor, combining it with contextual data such as satellite, weather and geophysical data, all on a single platform. Then machine learning generates statistical models, letting users get incredibly deep insights into their environmental data and make faster and better decisions.

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