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Groundwater Level Monitoring to Provide Real-Time Water Level Data

Continuous Monitoring of Ground Water Levels

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Ambisense are currently assisting our client with their hydrogeological investigation of an SSSI in the UK.
We are providing long term water level monitoring instrumentation to record the static levels across the monitoring borehole network and using telemetry, reporting the water level data to our real-time platform.
Due to the long duration of the monitoring programme, remote and sensitive nature of the site and stakeholders, a robust and discrete system which would reduce visual impact and inconvenience to landowners powered by solar technology was required.


Working with the client, Ambisense provided and deployed vented groundwater level loggers in conjunction with our 3G telemetry and solar power systems in boreholes across the monitoring network that was established for the investigation.
Groundwater levels at the set logging intervals were measured and transmitted to the cloud and available to the client online in real-time, so that a continual assessment of the groundwater levels and the hydrogeological regime could be undertaken.
Using our sleek GasfluX unit the power and telemetry system fitted inside the headworks of the existing borehole network with no external wires and battery systems.
To ensure continuity of data the functionality of the instrumentation has been closely monitored remotely by the dedicated Ambisense Engineer.


  • Rapid assessment of water level data remotely.
  • Reduced number of visits to download data.
  • Reduced disruption to landowners.
  • Secure and discrete monitoring instrumentation installed.

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