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Geo-environmental solutions on two large infrastructure projects

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We are working with Metasphere on network solutions for the Ground Investigation (GI) works for two large infrastructure projects across in the UK.  Ambisense was tasked with reducing the cost and complexity of getting data online and equipping the projects for future telemetry and software requirements. These sites are not only environmentally sensitive but also remote, with geo-environmental monitoring required over a wide area. Due to the scale of the sites and the large number of different points that needed to be monitored, the solutions needed to be low cost, wireless, easy to install and calibrate, with data transmitted automatically, securely and reliably.

Another challenge that we faced on one of the sites was previously installed vibrating wire piezometers (VWPs) which ran the gamut of brands, each one only compatible with their brand-specific modem.



We designed and deployed connectivity solutions for hundreds of locations across the extended sites while making that data accessible, in real-time, to large teams on a single data repository; Ambilytics. Working with Metasphere, we implemented these brand-agnostic telemetry solutions for a range of geotechnical and environmental monitoring instrumentation; including vibrating wire piezometers, dissolved gas sensors, water quality and water level loggers.

Critically, the flexible data logging solution for vibrating wire piezometers is compatible with several different VWP brands. It can be operated as a manual data download and easily converted to remote telemetry without the need for additional, expensive hardware. This provides the necessary flexibility for the project during several phases, and thus supports the requirement for remote data whilst minimising costs.

As part of the robust ground investigation, multi-parameter water quality probes and water level loggers were also required. Each probe has its own telemetry and power delivery system to enable it to be deployed and operated long-term in remote locations. The data-logging solution chosen can be easily switched to operate in telemetry mode, minimising the cost of any hardware swap-out.

All this data is cleaned and displayed on our smart software, Ambilytics, which combines the information from the remotely deployed geo-environmental field devices with contextual data sources such as weather to give a single, comprehensive view of the entire pool of data in real-time; every change, every anomaly, in full context, improving our client’s ability to react quickly. Further efficiencies are powered by the machine learning-driven analytics, which gives deep data insights at the touch of a button; instead of spending days cleaning and analysing data to gain insights, Ambilytics does this instantly.



These projects are both still ongoing and will be for quite some time. However, since our solutions have been implemented they have minimised the number of site visits and reduced the onerous amount of labour typically required to retrieve and analyse project critical data, both essential given both the scope and geographical footprint of the projects and the estimated lengthy project duration.

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