About Steve Wilson

Steve specialises in the investigation, assessment and mitigation of ground gas and hydrocarbon vapours. He has written several key technical papers on this subject and has contributed to most of the recent CIRIA, British Standards and Chartered Institute of Environmental Health guidance on ground gas assessment and mitigation. He was a member of the drafting committee for BS8567, Guidance on sampling of ground gas and the 2015 update of BS8485 on gas protection design. He advises local authorities in the UK on planning, Part IIA and other issues relating to ground and landfill gas. He was a member of the steering group of a project on the use of the GasClam high frequency gas monitor. Steve has acted as an expert witness in court cases involving landfill gas migration including the Brookland Greens/Cranbourne case in Australia. He has been involved in the design of gas and VOC mitigation measures for sites around the world affected by gas from various sources including mine workings and gas well blow outs. Steve provides advice on ground gas to developers and contractors in Australia and recently helped a team secure sign off for a large site in NSW where ground gas was a significant issue. Steve currently provides expert support on ground gas to several Accredited Contaminated Sites Auditors in Australia.