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Measure & Predict COVID-19 Risk in Commercial & Public Buildings with AmbiAir

By September 29, 2020October 1st, 2020No Comments
Announcing the launch of the AmbiAir

Ambisense today announced its entry into the air quality market with the launch of AmbiAir, a solution designed to help manage, assess, and predict the COVID-19 risk in commercial and public buildings.

‘As a company, we’re always looking to use our technological expertise to develop solutions for pressing geo-environmental problems. This led us to create AmbiAir, a product designed to help keep people as safe as possible in these trying times, and as a complement to established approaches such as social distancing.’

Stephen McNulty, Ambisense founder & CEO

By increasing building ventilation, and combining it with measures such as social distancing, we can decrease the COVID-19 risk that we face in public spaces. Studies show that the danger of exposure to COVID-19 is reduced when the level of CO2 is below 600ppm, relative humidity is between 40-60%, and there are no or very minimal levels of PM2.5.

AmbiAir is a low-cost solution that combines discreet, multi-deployable hardware with Ambilytics, an intelligent platform that digs through the vast quantities of location-based data to quickly and easily understand the performance of the critical risk drivers, identifying risk hot-spots in real-time, and predicting when safe levels are likely to be breached.

The first in a range of air quality solutions being released this year, AmbiAir combines multiple tools and techniques useful to air quality professionals to understand the behaviour of air quality pollutants.