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Ambisense’s mission is to use technology to manage and mitigate environmental risk.

Over the last few years, indoor environmental monitoring has become our core market & with recent regulations and shifts in policy in the residential rental sector, we have found that our expertise is now very much in demand as housing providers & asset managers are under increasing pressure to meet new, & often competing demands.

Working with a variety of partners and housing associations, we have seen the transformative effect data and asset intelligence has on customers in the social and buy-to-let markets. We have seen continuous demand for IoT solutions to monitor issues such as damp and mould, fuel poverty, energy efficiency, void risk and heat pump efficacy and to build, report & demonstrate ESG performance.

While the demand for sensors and data is encouraging, it is creating its own challenges. How do housing providers & asset managers deal with the crashing wave of data? Who is monitoring and interpreting the data from the soon-to-be 100,000s of homes online? Most importantly of all, how does the data benefit tenants? After all, it is their data, their home & their health.

We see both great opportunities and great challenges to deliver economic, social and environmental value to this sector and to fully capitalise on this, we have now restructured our business entirely to serve the social housing and rental market

As part of this restructure, GasfluX customers in Australia will now be served by Ennovo & in the UK & Ireland by EPG Ltd. and we have spun-out our proprietary radar technology to an entirely new company called PRAM, which officially launches today with a huge announcement all of its own!

Lots of exciting product and customer announcements ahead at Ambisense – stay tuned!