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Healthy homes. Empowering tenants. Mould and damp, energy

Ambisense are excited to announce the launch of Project Empower which will bridge the communication and data gap between tenants and social housing providers.

Project Empower is a collaboration between social housing tenants, Ambisense, HACT, Coastline Housing (UK) and Oaklee Housing (Ireland) with support from the University of Exeter that will kick off on 1st November 2023.

Project Empower will deploy sensors with the collaboration of tenants and project partners over a 6-month period to capture data from a range of social rental properties to understand the performance of these buildings. The project will demonstrate the value of a series of data analytics tools to transform this data into actionable intelligence for tenants and housing associations so that they can take informed action to improve the health of their homes.

Tenants will receive tips and recommendations via a tenant app, text message, phonecalls, email, WhatsApp and letters depending on their needs and preferences. The project will determine the most appropriate medium and tailor messaging to be as effective as possible.

The project will demonstrate how housing providers can benefit from more informed, proactive and empowered tenants and get improved data on the condition of their homes.

We will be publishing the results of the project in the coming months and we will continue to expand the reach of the project. We invite organisations interested in participating in this project to get in touch.

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