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Ambisense has been delivering ground-breaking environmental monitoring solutions to the market since 2014. Our core market is the indoor air quality monitoring sector– a sector experiencing significant growth, driven by tightening regulations and the changing demands of tenants and landlords alike.

Since 2020, running parallel to this, we have been developing a unique means of monitoring critical infrastructure assets using cutting-edge radar technology, working alongside major government entities and corporate partners to develop and validate the technology.

The time is now right to bring it to market and, to do so, we have created a new spin-out company called PRAM (Predictive Resilient Asset Monitoring). PRAM harnesses the power of next-generation, millimetre-wave radar to enable the sector to move from reactive, expensive, condition monitoring processes to proactive, real-time, condition intelligence in the face of a rapidly changing climate.

The primary market for PRAM centres around flooding and climate resilience applications. In addition, PRAM will operate an innovation hub called PRAM Labs, a collaborative hub where our brilliant engineers and scientists get to work directly with customers to develop ground-breaking applications based on our core technology expertise.

We are hugely excited about this new entity. You can find out more and keep up to date on our journey by visiting the PRAM website and by following the PRAM Linkedin page. PRAM already has some exciting news to announce, with our first announcement taking place tomorrow. ????