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Exposure to poor air quality over months and years can cause health problems, and of course, there are many pollutants that have a negative environmental impact. There are thousands of air quality sensors available on the market ranging from low end to high end, and as long as they are IoT connected, Ambilytics can integrate with them.

Using this combination of connected hardware and our clever software, users don’t have to just depend on getting time-weighted average and instead of seeing only the overall exposure to contaminants over a period of time, Ambilytics digs deeper.

Our software indicates where there were peaks or troughs, the areas of greatest risk, and takes into account parameters such as diurnal patterns, giving an incredibly clear look at the situation and helping target the problem at the source.

Instead of the expense of a site visit and spot monitoring, in-field connected hardware continuously monitors the building or site, while our platform puts your data to work, automating manpower-intensive data processing and analysis tasks, all available at the touch of a button, wherever you are.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Unlike outdoor air, indoor air is recycled continuously causing it to trap and build up pollutants. According to the EPA, the four most dangerous indoor air pollutants to our health in developed countries are cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, radioactive radon-222 gas, and very small fine and ultra-fine particles. Ambisense provides either instrumentation which can detect these, or can link Ambilytics, our risk assessment platform to instrumentation that can.
  • Risk in a building can depend greatly on how the ventilation in a building is managed. We commonly help businesses continuously monitor indoor air quality for tVOCs, CO2 levels, and fine particulates like PM 2.5, and PM5. When they see something interesting or unusual happening, our software lets them drill into the data and see the relationships helping them identify cause.

Outdoor Air Quality

  • Poor air quality in urban environments is an increasing challenge. NOx and Sox from emissions as well as fine particulates cause chronic lung problems, while methane and carbon dioxide are greenhouse gas pollutants. By continuously monitoring the outdoor air quality and connected it to our clever hardware, smart cities can identify and proactively target the areas with the worst problems.
  • Methane has such a negative impact on the environment that it is critical oil & gas companies detect a flare as soon as possible. Ambilytics helps companies monitor their sites, forecasting potential problems and alerting the right people when a pre-set parameter has been breached.