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It’s time for a smarter approach to air quality

Never before has the impact of poor air quality on our health been more apparent, so what can you do to keep people healthy and happy?

At Ambisense we design technology-enabled solutions that help in better analysis, monitoring, and management of key air quality factors.

But we take it a step further….. Ambilytics uses deep analytics on the data sent by the IoT connected devices to forecast the future behaviour of critical air quality parameters for every location.

Indoor Air Quality

Better indoor air leads to healthier employees, happier tenants, and more efficient buildings 

  • Consider this; we spend approximately 90% of our day indoors, numerous studies have shown the negative impact of poor indoor air conditions, and building tenants are crying out for better air quality in their workplaces.
  • Now let’s look at this a little closer: employees’ cognitive function is reduced by 50% in a high CO2 environment, humidity levels of less than 40% leading to easier transmission of infectious diseases such as Covid-19, and there is decreased productivity when the temperature is outside the 22-25°C range.
  • Good building management and a proactive approach is crucial here, and this is where the AmbiAir solution comes in.
  • We combine our smart software Ambilytics with a highly accurate, discrete, and easily portable IoT device. Designed to be low-cost to allow for deployment across multiple locations, it monitors CO2, humidity, temperature, and particulate matter in real-time.
  • Ambilytics examines the vast amount of data produced to display not only the situation in every room of every building at a click but also generate data-driven forecasts, alerting customers if and when a pre-set limit is likely to be breached.

Outdoor Air Quality

  • Poor air quality in urban environments is an increasing challenge. NOx and SOx from emissions as well as fine particulates cause chronic lung problems, while methane and carbon dioxide are potent greenhouse gas pollutants. By continuously monitoring the outdoor air quality through connected hardware combined with our intelligent software, smart cities can identify and proactively target the problem areas, providing a better quality of life for inhabitants.