An annual event, Envirocon is the only conference dedicated to the new and emerging technologies driving the environmental industry. Envirocon is a forum for great minds to come together to examine and debate the latest digital trends, innovations and transformations.

As a company, our focus is on digital environmental innovation and Envirocon reflects that. We take a practical look at how you can get the best out of your data as our industry moves to a digital future.  This one-day event is a deep dive into the tough lessons learned by industry leaders as they adapt to our fast-evolving industry, with real-world examples and technical sessions. At Envirocon you’ll discover the emerging technologies supporting this digital transformation, with presentations from experts in both the academic and business world.

Of course, Envirocon is also about networking and building partnerships throughout the day and at our famous after party!

This year we have partnered with Environment Analyst for Envirocon 2020

We are bringing our digital and technical expertise to ‘Data & Analysis – in partnership with Envirocon’, the digital stream of the Brownfield Summit. Delegates can not only take part in the digital environmental stream but also design their own programme, moving between the three streams and dropping into Ground Gas and Groundwater if a topic interests them.


The agenda is:


Registration & Refreshments


Opening Remarks from the Chair


Maximising the Usefulness of Site Data through Cost-Effective Digital Data Collection

  • Techniques to achieve the effective capture of sampling, ground condition and sub-surface data in-situ, in real-time
  • Successfully integrating real-time site data with laboratory analysis and existing data records
  • Assessing the cost-benefits and improved efficiencies achieved by using remote sensing and drone technology for better data collection, especially on large sites
  • Overcoming acceptance issues – demonstrating the accuracy and reliability of information collected using new technologies to regulators and stakeholders

Optimising the Use of AI and Machine Learning for Managing “Big Data” and to Enable More Informed Decision-Making

The volume of data involved in many environmental, remediation and infrastructure development projects is huge. This presentation will explore how this plethora of information can be best managed and explore the role that AI and machine learning might play in managing “big” environmental data.




Morning Refreshments & Networking


Practicalities of Using the New CIRIA Asbestos App to Improve the Identification & Management of Asbestos on Site

This presentation will outline the potential use of an app that has been developed in conjunction with industry to provide a smart-phone based tool that can be easily used on-site to identify suspected asbestos and provide first-response guidance on what to do as a result.


Successfully Integrating Different Data Streams & Optimising Digital Workflows for Improved Access & Sharing of Data 

Exploring the current obstacles to integrating geotechnical, environmental and site data and how these could be overcome:

  • Strategies for achieving better visibility and provenance of data
  • Effectively aligning environmental and geotechnical data with BIM
  • Optimising digital workflows and user interfaces to achieve better, more integrated project delivery:
    • Managing potential security risks

    • Addressing mind-set and behavioural issues around data ownership


Innovations in Data Modelling & Visualisation to Add Value to Your Site Data and Improve Client & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Effectively integrating geotechnical and environmental data with advanced modelling and data visualisation technology
  • Using GIS to add value to your desk study and SI data
  • Exploring the cost-benefits of using virtual reality, photogrammetry and drone technologies for improved visualisation of projects and development plans
  • Demonstrating how good visualisation and presentation techniques can effectively communicate complex, technical projects to stakeholders and facilitate understanding and sign-off



Lunch and Networking


Interactive Break-Out Session

This focused, interactive session runs cross-stream giving delegates the opportunity to discuss a key topic of interest to them in a more participative format with professionals working across different areas of brownfield risk assessment. Each session will be led by a facilitator who will lead the discussion and encourage maximum debate and sharing of ideas.


Afternoon Refreshments & Networking


Case study: Innovation in the Context of a Large Infrastructure Project


Ensuring the Timely & Regulatory-Compliant Management, Access & Sharing of Huge Volumes of Environmental & Project Data

Exploring how data is currently provided, accessed and managed for site investigation, EIA & other environmental reports

Improving the access, use and management of data:

    • Keeping data current and “live”

    • Successfully linking BIM and environmental

    • Managing both “big” and micro-data

    • Making technical and environmental reports accessible to a non-technical audience

    • To what extent might a set of common standards for data collection and integration be developed and enforced?

    • Achieving an effective balance between innovation and risk when developing and employing new technologies

    • Outlining current and future Government data policies and their implications for end-users


Examining the Legalities Regarding the Collection, Use and Sharing of Environmental and Site Assessment Data

  • Detailing the key legal responsibilities, obligations and liabilities surrounding data collection, sharing and use and how they are enforced
  • Managing the balance between competitive advantage and legal liabilities when making data available to clients and projects
  • Maintaining data security on sensitive sites
  • Examining solutions to protect yourself when 3rd parties are using and relying on your data
  • Tips for developing effective robust and compliant “big data” strategies



Closing Remarks from the Chair

Close of Conference followed by a Networking Drinks Reception

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Tuesday May 12th, 9am – 6pm


The De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in London


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